Online bingo Philippines

Playing Bingo with a Twist
Bingo is a popular game all over the world, and this is no different in the Philippines. The actual game itself, however, is often played differently than in most other countries. Instead of using the regular bingo balls, Filipinos use small chips, on which the numbers may be found. These chips are drawn from baskets shaped like bottles. Also, patterns are determined before the start of the game, often shown on electronic boards, and winners receive a prize or prizes when they manage to complete the special pre-set pattern.

Very often, as well, the calling out of the numbers is substituted through mentioning a specific phrase, often witty or funny. Regular bingo players will know that a specific phrase is associated with a specific number, and thus know which number was drawn. These differences, however, are mostly limited to actual bingo games played in real life.

Bingo Halls in the Philippines

There are almost two hundred dedicated bingo halls in the Philippines, and most other casino halls also offer bingo games. These are all run by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). This is a government-controlled gambling monopoly that manages most of the casino activities within the Philippines. The only competitor to the PAGCOR monopoly is the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport, which operates in the north-eastern tip of the country, but this is mostly aimed at foreigners and available exclusively for hotel guests.  PAGCOR, then, is the number one bingo operator for Filipinos.

Moving Bingo to the Online World

Given the PAGCOR monopoly, it would make little sense for them not to offer an online version of a game as beloved as bingo. However, it is only the Cagayan Freeport area that offers any online bingo games, but these, of course, are off-limits to Filipinos. PAGCOR itself does offer any bingo or bingo-style games in their online casino gaming centres, which are the only means Filipinos can access PAGCOR online casino games as these are prohibited for home play.

Given this situation, the online bingo Philippines residents’ access is mostly hosted through foreign sites. There are hundreds of online bingo sites available online, and many of them are international sites offered in world languages. Some of these will not accept players from the Philippines, given the complicated laws of the country, but many have no problem accepting players from the Philippines.

Filipinos just need to make sure, then, that they are comfortable with the language the site is hosted in, and that there are no complications with playing from the Philippines. This is especially important in terms of withdrawals and deposits, as putting down deposits and winning prizes is, ultimately, the main thing of importance when playing online casino games.

If the online bingo site offers all of this relatively conveniently and the Filipino players are happy with the site, then foreign online bingo sites are a great alternative for Filipinos to access bingo games without having to travel to any of the pre-selected PAGCOR-run bingo halls. Being able to play online has opened up a whole new world of action, entertainment and winning potential and players in the Philippines are fast getting in on the exciting entertainment on offer.

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