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The Benefits of Online Casinos

Online casinos are enormously popular all over the world. They offer fantastic advantages over land-based casinos, which make the experience of online casinos more desirable for many players.

For one, online casinos can be accessed from the comfort and convenience of a player’s own home or mobile device, and players no longer need to travel any distance to access a land-based casino. They can simply choose to play a few rounds of a slot or poker game, or whatever else they may wish to play, whenever and wherever they feel like it.

In addition to the convenience of location, time constraints also become obsolete, as players can choose to play for as long as they wish to, whether this is only for one quick game before heading off to work, or for an entire afternoon of fun over the weekend.

These benefits make the existence of an online casino enormously desirable, and they are popular all over the world. This is no different in the Philippines, though the experience here of online casinos could not be more different.

The Casino Industry in the Philippines

Casinos in the Philippines are run almost exclusively by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). This is a government-owned and controlled organisation, and they have created a large casino monopoly that operates the majority of casinos in the Philippines and almost all casinos that are available to Filipinos.

The only competitor to the PAGCOR monopoly is the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport organisation, which operates in the north-eastern tip of the country. The Cagayan Freeport casinos are available exclusively to hotel guests. While this was initially also limited to foreign tourists, the rules have relaxed slightly to allow for Filipino hotel guests to also access these. However, these casinos are still off-limits to all local residents.

Accessing offshore hosted online casino is however completely legal and many players in the Philippines opt for playing at top rated international sites as an alternative.

The Online Casino Parlours

Both PAGCOR and the Cagayan Freeport offer online casinos, but it is only the Cagayan Freeport casinos that are comparable to online casinos in the rest of the world, enabling home play and all the other online casino benefits. However, Cagayan Freeport online casinos are not allowed to take bets from within the Philippines, and are thus only available to foreigners.  There are a dozen online casino operators registered with and operating out of the Cagayan Freeport area, but none of them are accessible to Filipinos.

The only online casinos that Filipinos may access are those run by PAGCOR. These are not available for home play, and are only available exclusively in internet casino game parlours. Basically, these are halls allowing players to access online casino games. A variety of games may be provided, and sports betting facilities are also common.

These drastically change the experience of locally-hosted online casinos, as Filipino players cannot experience any of the benefits standard online casinos offer. They are still constrained by time and space, making these online casino parlours quite similar to conventional land-based casinos. Nonetheless, they appear to be enormously popular in the Philippines, and Filipinos enjoy their online casino games as much as they do their land-based casino games, especially as they also have the option of playing at offshore online casinos anytime they desire.

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