Online roulette

The Beginnings of Roulette

Roulette goes as far back as the ancient times and is believed to have its origins in a Roman game where arrows were shot onto a wheel by soldiers.  Roulette was then modernised by the French and it was a Frenchman, Blaise Pascal that invented Roulette while doing an experiment.  He developed a little wheel, which means “Roulette” in French and made rules for the game.  It became very popular and was thought to be fashionable, even among monasteries.

In the middle of the 19th century Lois and Francois Blanc opened casinos in Germany where Roulette became very unpopular as it was considered “unchristian” and from there they expanded their casinos to Monaco and Monte Carlo.  Roulette catapulted into popularity when it reached America and became popular among the upper-class.  Roulette can be found today in almost every casino and notably in online casinos which offer 3D online Roulette games.

Legalities of Online Roulette in the Philippines

The only country in Asia to legalise online casinos is the Philippines and their casino licensing is done by an organisation owned by the government.  Although the regulations are strict it means that the casinos are safe and reliable.  Playing online casino is part of the social environment, which means there is a strong leaning towards it.

Filipinos spend billions of Pesos a year on playing online casino and with more games being introduced this amount will increase significantly.  Regulations covering casinos ensure that they have enough bankroll to cover their obligations and that winnings are paid out immediately.  These tight regulations mean that government licensed casinos are protected and very well regulated.  The licensing authority restricts their online casinos to e-games, which can be found in cafe’s or mobile sites.

How to Play Online Roulette

Online roulette works much the same as playing in a casino, except you don’t have to wait for a space to open at a busy table and online roulette wagers are much lower than a real casino.  Players are able to try out the game before spending real money allowing them to decide which online game they enjoy.  It’s quite simple, pick a number or combination of numbers or a colour, the wheel spins and if it lands on your number you win.

The online roulette sites will offer help with all the different terms used and it is good to familiarise yourself with them in order to give yourself the advantage.

Best Sites for Online Roulette

If you are ready to play online roulette for real money ensure that you pick a safe and reliable online casino.  There are so many online casinos to choose from and it is good to know which to avoid.

Only choose reputable sites, those that are licensed and approved by gaming authorities.  Some sites offer huge bonuses which may look good but these bonuses are often almost impossible to achieve so first check the requirements before signing up.  Go to the online forums and find out what other players are saying, chances are that if the same complaint about an online casino is frequent it is best to avoid it.

For those who are unable to play roulette in a live casino, online Roulette has become an excellent and very rewarding substitute!

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