Wildcat Canyon slot

Wildcat Canyon Slot Review

Online casino software developers NextGen has brought another classic slots game to the market, this time in the form of a cartoon-themed slot. Taking inspiration from the famous Loonie Toons series, Wildcat Canyon is made up of a multitude of different characters. Players will find a goat, an eagle, a snake, and some cacti making up higher value symbols. For lower value symbols, the traditional numbers and letters can be found, with all of them being bright and colourful.

All the gameplay is set against the background of a large canyon, complete with a clear blue sky at the top, and small cacti that dot the ground. The soundtrack is composed of light blues guitar that plays every time a spin is made, or when an event activates during the game.

Wildcat Canyon Slot Layout and Betting

Learning all the different buttons and symbols in Wildcat Canyon slot will be a boon to new players, and thankfully there isn’t a steep learning curve. Players can quickly pick up and play, especially those who are experienced in online slots. The first selection players may notice are the spin and autoplay buttons. While both selections essentially do the same thing, the play buttons has to be used manually for every spin, while the autoplay allows for players to set the amount of times the reels will spin automatically. The number of spins available through autoplay starts at five, and maximises at one hundred.

Betting selections are made underneath the first two reels on the left. There are three options available, namely two buttons for increasing and decreasing the wager, and a third to automatically max the possible bet. Selecting a bet is the first step, and the second is to choose how many paylines the player would like active during spins. The bet amount combined with the number of paylines will determine the amount that can be earned through winnings. This amount is known as the total bet, and can be viewed above the reels to the left.


Wildcat Canyon Slot Wild

During spins, players may encounter a special wild shown as a wildcat. The wildcat can only appear on reels two and four, and acts as a substitute for all other symbols. This means that the wildcat can complete certain combinations that were previously impossible to complete.

Wildcat Canyon Slot Paw Print Scatters

Another special symbol that has a random chance of appearing during spins is the scatter, which is depicted as a paw print. If this scatter lands three or more times during gameplay, an extra selection will pop up that will allow the player to choose a mixture of free spins as well as a multiplier bonus. The more free spins that are chosen, the less the multiplier. Conversely, a higher multiplier means less free spins, and it is ultimately up to the player to decide.

Wildcat Canyon Slot Gamble

Upon landing a winning combination, players will have the chance to make a gamble. This is a smaller mini game that appears in front of the reels, where the player can choose what they think is the right card. This can multiply winnings by huge amounts.

Wildcat Canyon Slot In a Nutshell

With its cartoon themes, classic gameplay, and special bonus features, Wildcat Canyon will prove popular to many online slots plays.

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